Department of Design
Mr. YAM Chan Chun Lung

Yam Chan

Own Label: yamkocht
"[Hong Kong fashion] is geared towards making the clothes marketable."

"It is not easy to change other´s experience by language, behavior or thoughts.  But I believe a thoughtful clothes can alter one´s story."



YAM CHAN, an emotional and ad lib guy, not labeling himself as a fashion designer since he desires more to accomplish. YAM was born to be extraordinary. Live with rhythm, beats the life. He likes things ever-changing, except LOVE. Love is the world for YAM, the origin of his inspiration. Love brings him everything. Love also pulls him to the hell from the heaven.

KOCHT means "is boiling" in German, aimed to remind himself to go. Pessimistic seems to be the direction, forming the basis of YAM´s collection, where incidentally exhibit sexy, luxe, contrasted and incomplete esthetics. Emphasize one's characteristic with neat but exquisite silhouette.



  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Styling


Interview with Yam Chan, Hong Kong's designer of tomorrow
All eyes are on the talented fashion rookie after debuting at Hong Kong Fashion Week 2010

by, CNN International