Past Event

  • Road Show: 3rd Asian Wedding Arts & Design Competition 2012
  • Project Briefing: Sustainable Design Competition 2012
  • Seminar: The EcoChic Design Academy
  • Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Visit: International Education Project Office, BIFT-SCE, 北京服装学院继续教育学院国际合作中心
  • ‘Fashion Business, Fashion Talks’ Series 5: fashion on screen: professional costume design for TV productions
  • ‘Fashion Business, Fashion Talks’ Series 4: from innovation to entrepreneurship: the path to building a fashion brand
  • Hong Kong Fashion Designer Brand Show
  • ‘Fashion Business, Fashion Talks’ Series 3: fashion perspectives: aspects of fashion media
  • ‘Fashion Business, Fashion Talks’ Series 2: the style hurricane: fashion trends and lifestyle
  • ‘Project Briefing: EcoChic Design Award 2012-Road Show
  • ‘Fashion Business, Fashion Talks’ Series 1: Entering the dream; on introduction to fashion design
  • Show Visit: The Young Executive Committee of Hong Kong Fur Federation- Fur Design Competition 2012
  • Show Visit: Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association Fashion Show2 in "Fashion Visionaries"
  • Show Visit: Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association Fashion Show1 in "Fashion Visionaries"
  • Show Visit: HKFDA Young Talent Award 2011 Fashion Show
  • Seminar: ‘Behind the seams’ of British sustainable fashion by Redress
  • Seminar(Furriers Sharing Experience with Students): Fur Design
  • Fur Factory Visit: Fur Design Competition 2012
  • Co-organizer (Fashion Show):Interstoff Asia Essential Autumn 2011 Fabrics to Fashion Walk
  • Seminar: Fur Design Competition 2012
  • Workshop:Fur Manufacturing Process and Latest Techniques Workshop
  • Organizer Glinteq International
    Abstract Totally 11 students entered into the Final are:
    1. Tsoi Ching Spring 蔡清 - AFD 1 [The First Winner]
    2. Siu Tak Hang 萧德衡 - AFD 1 [The Second Winner]
    3. Chan Carol 陈家乐 - AFD 1
    4. Ho Lau Ting 何柳婷 - AFD 1
    5. Kwok Chi Wai (Joe) 郭志伟 - AFD 1
    6. Leung Ho Yin 梁浩然 - AFD 1
    7. Tang Yip Shing 邓业城 - AFD 1
    8. Wong Florence 黄嘉凤 - AFD 1
    9. Wong Hoi Yi 黄凯怡 - AFD 1
    10. Wong Kwok Choi (Choi) - BFT 1
    11. Wong Tsz Yan 王紫茵 - AFD 1


    Designed by Tsoi Ching Spring 蔡清 (AFD 1)


    Tsoi Ching Spring 蔡清 (The First Prize Winner)

    Designed by Siu Tak Hang 萧德衡 (AFD 1)


    Siu Tak Hang 萧德衡 (The Second Prize Winner)

    Designed by Chan Carol 陈家乐 (AFD 1)


    Designed by Kwok Chi Wai Joe 郭志伟 ( AFD 1)


    Designed by Leung Ho Yin 梁浩然 (AFD 1)


    Designed by Tang Yip Shing 邓业城 (AFD 1)


    Designed by Wong Florence 黄嘉凤 (AFD1)


    Designed by Wong Hoi Yi 黄凯怡 (AFD1)


    Designed by Wong Kwok Choi (BFT1)


    Designed by Wong Tsz Yan 王紫茵 (AFD1)

    Date 15 July 2011 (Friday)
    Time 13:00-16:00
    Venue Fashion Designers' Gallery, Shop 52, fhp Shopping Centre, G/F, Oceanview Court, 25 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
    Organizer Miss Rebecca Leung and Mr. Gary Lam (Representative of CBCC)
    Mr. Sunny Wong and Mrs. Bonnie (Repesentative of fhp Shopping Mall)
    Participant Wayne, Mandy, Zai, Bonny, Charlie (Year 1 and Final Year students)
    Abstract CBCC - Door Fashion Designers' Gallery, is a gallery for our CBCC fashion design students to explore their experience between "Commerical & Creativity". Within a month preparation, students being involved:
    1. in design / develop their own packaging; hangtag; catalogue; display system; window display; lighting and the interior atmosphere;
    2. in logo design
    3. in setting up their cost and retail price
    4. in logistic arrangement
    5. in soucing and research
    6. and the retail business management

    Students painting the wall of the interior

    Final image of the wall

    Lighting design

    Logo of the shop

    Dummy display area

    Outfit display area

    Fitting room area

    Rack design

    Hangtag design

    Fitting room area

    Shop Image

    Students have a meeting with Miss Bonnie to discuss further action on the coming week.

    Group photos
    (Fashion students with Mr. Sunny Wong and Mrs. Bonnie;
    Head of Department of Design and Advisor - Mr. Gary Lam.
    Fashion Lecturer and Advisor - Miss Rebecca Leung)
    Date 14 July 2011 (Thursday)
    Venue 3/F, Tseung Kwan O Campus
    Organizer Rebecca Leung
    Participant BFT 1
    • It is under the course of Visual Communication of BTEC Higher National Diploma in Fashion and Textiles (Level 1)
    • The Competition is sponsored by Hong Kong Accessories Designers Association Limited (HKADA) on 06 May 2011
    • The objective of the project mainly to training up students to make their own dream shoes by hand made.
    • Under the support from Mr. Ameber Leung from HKADA, he conducted a series of seminar and work shop, students will get the idea of reform; reconstruct and retransform their old shoes into another format.

    Project Holder, Miss Rebecca Leung picked up this project as an example to conduct a seminar of Sustainable Fashion , which is "Inspiring the next generation" under Redress Forum cohesive with the Eco Chic Projecton 19 May, 2011 at Jockey Club Environmental Building, HongKong. Students innovative ideas were so impressed by audience

    • It is time for us to think "How can Academic Institutions tap into Industry expertise and build a meaningful partnership?"

    Date 8 July 2011 (Friday)
    Time 10:00-12:00
    Venue Room 713, Tseung Kwan O Campus
    Organizer Rebecca Leung
    Abstract Hamilton Run is an Australian company which offered an "Australian Merino Study Tour Scholarship" to our Fashion Graduation 2011.

    Ms. Nicole Luckraft, Hamilton Run
    Mr. Greg Andrews, Hamilton Run
    Miss. Vincy Cheng, Fashion & Marketing Assistant Manager, Australian Wool Innovation Limited.

    Ms. Nicole Luckraft and Mr. Greg Andrews would like to know more about the facilities and the condition of Knitwear section of fashion department.They feel appreciated with students´ work when students showed their passion on what they have done in the knitwear project.

    Siu Tak Hang, Siu (AFD1)

    Chan Chun Kit (AFD1)

    Tsoi Ching, Spring (AFD1)

    Wong Kwok Choi, Choi (BFT1)

    Nip Shui Yu, Yuliya (BFT1)

    Wong Tsz Yan, Yannes (AFD1)

    Students with Fashion Lecturer Rebecca Leung
    Date 26 June 2011 (Sunday)
    Time 15:00-17:00
    Venue 荃灣新之城
    Organizer Miss Fiona Chan
    Abstract This is an optional competition for AFD1 and BFT1 students. Our students got a very good result in this competition, 3 of our AFD1 fashion students were finalist, They are:
    • Wong Tsz Yan (won Champion in both group of Casual Wear and Party Dress Wear)
    • Wong Hoi Yi (won 1st runner up in Party Dress Group) and
    • Andrew Leung





    Date 20 May 2011 (Friday)
    Venue Great Room, 7/F. W Hong Kong
    Abstract The winner of the EcoChic Design Award will win an enviable combination of professional work experience and international exposure. She’ll receive a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to intern with Orsola de Castro, the award-winning designer of the hip, sustainable label From Somewhere and one of theEDA judges. She'll fly to London where she'll work alongside Orsola on her highly successful up-cycled and recycled collections. EDA’ll even cover her accommodation and give her some pocket money.
    But that’s not all. The EDA winner will also have the chance to design a recycled textile capsule collection for Esprit!
    The winning collection will be featured in the EcoChic fashion shows and exhibitions for the coming year. She'll feature along side internationally renowned designers, such as Thakoon, Diane von Furstenberg and John Rocha, who have created fabulous pieces of eco-couture especially for us.
    EcoChic Design Award Judges (from Left to Right):
    Orsola de Castro, Founder, From Somewhere;
    Stephen Lee, Managing Editor, Milk;
    Jing Zhang, Fashion Editor, South China Morning Post;
    Hilary Tsui;
    Dorian Ho, Design and Managing Director, Dorian Ho Collection;
    Damien Dernoncourt, CEO, John Hardy;
    Cecilia Yau, Chief Designer and CEO, Jezz International Company Limited;
    Andrew Sia, Chairman and CEO, Ace Style Group;
    Annett Koeman, Vice President, Head of Commercialization, Esprit de Corp (Far East) and
    Johanna Ho, Fashion Designer, I Limited.

    (EDA Winner at Centre) Janko, Lam Chun Kuk,
    Graduate of Associate Degree in Design (Fashion Design) in 2008
    Tree rings inspired the design concept of this collection. To gradually reduce the carbon footprint caused by clothes, we have to extend their life cycle, just like tree rings that grow every year. It adopts original and natural colors and shows the horizontal texture of trees in curls and to make full use of fabrics, it uses the remaining cloth as embellishment.
    Speaker Mr. Patrick Ho, Design Manager, who have over 10 years experience in Knitwear Design.
    Date 20 May 2011 (Friday)
    Venue Room 713, Tseung Kwan O Campus
    Organizer Rebecca Leung
    Student BFT 1 (Production Techniques)
    AFD 1 (Knitting Technology)
    Speaker Mr. Gary Luk, Sales Manager of Atexco, Honghua Digital Technology Hong Kong Ltd.
    Date 14 May 2011 (Saturday)
    Time 14:00-18:00
    Venue Atexco, Honghua Digital Technology Hong Kong Ltd.
    Organizer Annie Mak
    Visitor Mr. Sunny Wong, Sales Manager, fnp Shopping Mall
    Date 13 May 2011 (Friday)
    Time 15:30 - 17:00
    Venue Room 710, Tseung Kwan O Campus
    Organizer Annie Mak
    Participant Fashion Design Student
    Abstract Representatives from fnp Shopping Mall visited CBCC Fashion Division
    68 selected garments were displayed in Room 710 to showcase the design ideas and creativity of fashion design students from Year/Level 1 & 2 in order to explore the possibility in displaying and selling their products at the fnp Shopping Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui.
    Date 18-19 April 2011 (Monday-Tuesday)
    Venue Shan Tou University
    Organizer Keith Tse
    Participant Graphic Design Student
    Speaker Miss Joyce Lee, Marketing Executive, Antalis (Hong Kong) Ltd.
    Date 14 April 2011 (Thursday)
    Time 9:30 - 11:30
    Venue Antalis (Hong Kong) Ltd.
    Organizer Rebecca Leung
    Participant BFT 1 (Visual Communication course)

    Office of Antalis (Hong Kong) Ltd.

    The Seminar
    Studnets are studying on different types of paper
    Students with Miss Joyce Lee (Speaker)
    A colorful cake made by paper
    An evening wear made by paper
    A party wear made by paper
    A ladies' bag made by paper
    Speaker Miss Angelia Teo, Head of Content, Asia Pacific of WGSN
    日期 2011年4月11日 (星期一)
    時間 下午三時三十分至下午四時正
    地點 將軍澳校舍710室
    發起人 Rebecca Leung
    參與者 AFD 1 (Knitting Technology)
    BFT 1 (Production Techniques)
    Judges Miss Angelia Teo, Head of Content, Asia Pacific of WGSN
    Mr Linus Wu, Senior Manager in Training & Education, AWI
    Miss Vincy Cheng, Fashion & Marketing Assistant Manager, AWI
    Date 11 April 2011 (Monday)
    Time 12:00-16:00
    Venue Room 713, Tseung Kwan O Campus
    Organizer Rebecca Leung
    Participant AFD 1 (Knitting Technology)
    BFT 1 (Production Techniques)
    Awards Trophy and Certificate for each student, which will be delivered at Knitwear Design & Technology Fair (KDT) at Shengzhen on 22-24 September 2011 by Australian Wool Innovation Ltd (AWI).

    Students present their works either in English or Putonghua

    Judge Panel review students works
    The Winner group is the mixture of AFD 1 + BFT 1 students:
    AFD 1:
    Leung Ho Yin; Wong Hoi Yi; Cheung In Ting; Wong Tsz Yan; Florence Wong; Siu Tak Hang; Grace Tong

    BFT 1:
    Gaius Lam; Nip Shui Yu; Wong Kwok Choi
    BFT 1 students:
    Gaius Lam and Bom Chan, on behalf of CBCC, to present the souvenir to Vincy Cheng and Linus Wu of AWI
    AFD 1 students:
    Flourence Wong and Cheung In Ting on behalf of CBCC to present the souvenir to Angelia Teo of WGSN
    The works of the winner group
    Miss Vincy Cheng giving comment to students
    Mr. Linus Wu, giving comment to students
    Another group work also get a good feed back from Judges
    Speaker Ms. Pauly P.Y. Fung, Director of Advertising & Promotion Department, Jeanswest
    Date 6 April 2011 (Wednesday)
    Time 14:30 - 16:00
    Venue Room 711, Tseung Kwan O Campus
    Organizer Ada Yim
    Participant AFD 2 and BFT 2
    Abstract 真維斯杯簡介
    從 1993 年真維斯創辦首屆休閒裝設計大賽以來, 已成功舉辦了19 屆中國真維斯杯休閑裝設計大賽由中國服裝設計師協會﹑中國服裝協會真維斯國際(香港)有限公司﹑中國紡織教育學會﹑香港時裝設計師協會等權威機構共同主辦及協辦﹐保証大賽公開﹑公正的舉辦制度﹐形成了良好的口碑及品牌賽事號召力﹔被譽爲全國最具歷史及權威的服裝設計賽事

    • 培育及鼓勵新一代時裝設計新秀﹐發揮創作才華
    • 進一步加強內地與國外的服裝界之間的交流﹐推動中國休閑裝行業全面發展
    Speaker Mr. Kevin Chu, English Language Expert
    Mr. Kevin Chu is now teaching Integrated Strategic Communication at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He was the Center Manager of Modus Excellente Education Centre. He is also the part-time lecturer teaching Practical Business English, English Communication Skills, Communication & Critical Thinking, Improving Communication with Desktop Publishing at the LS, City University of Hong Kong.
    Date 4 April 2011 (Monday)
    Time 16:00 - 18:00
    Venue Room 711, Tseung Kwan O Campus
    Organizer AnnieJoceyln Mai