The Registry is responsible for implementing academic policies, procedures and systems relating to students. It provides a wide range of service:

Admission Application [Top]
  • Answering public enquiries;
  • Entertaining requests for prospectus and application form;
  • Processing admission applications;
  • Liasion with admissions offices of local and overseas educational institutions.

Enrolment and Course Registration [Top]
  • Coordinating the compilation of teaching timetable;
  • Keeping and updating a database of course information;
  • Enrolling students in programmes;
  • Allocating course choices for Year 1 students;
  • Registering students on courses;
  • Processing applications for adding and dropping of courses;
  • Processing applications for course exemption;
  • Processing applications for change of programme;
  • Processing applications for taking courses which exceed the normal study load;
  • Processing applications for retaking a passed course;
  • Administering the issuance of Student ID Cards and their renewal;
  • Provision of administrative support in the running of the Intensive Training Programme.

Student Records [Top]
  • Keeping and updating a database of applicants, students and graduates;
  • Handling applications for deferment of studies;
  • Handling applications for withdrawal of studies;
  • Handling applications for refund of tuition fees;
  • Following up with students who are due to resume studies after deferment;
  • Following up with students who have been unofficially withdrawn;
  • Keeping a full record of students who have been absent from class;
  • Provision of various student statistics for management use;
  • Issuance of letters certifying students' status;
  • Issuance of Academic Reports and Academic Transcripts.

Examinations and Assessment [Top]
  • Promulgation of examination timetables;
  • Compilation of invigilation schedules;
  • Ensuring security printing of examination papers;
  • Coordinating all the logistic arrangements for examinations;
  • Keeping a full record of students who have been absent from examinations;
  • Processing and promulgation of assessment results;
  • Administering appeals against assessment results.

Graduation [Top]
  • Providing administrative support in the College Graduation Ceremony;
  • Production of award certificates for graduates.

Academic Planning and Regulations [Top]
  • Compilation of the College's Academic Calendar;
  • Promulgation and continuous updating of the Academic Regulations and the Assessment Regulations;
  • Assisting in academic planning via the provision of secretarial support to the various Committees.

Production  [Top]
  • Publication of the College's Calendar;
  • Provision of statistical information for Annual Review.