Student Affairs Office

Besides the dissemination of knowledge, the College is particularly keen on promoting the personal growth and holistic development of students. The Student Affairs Office (SAO) offers a variety of services and activities to assist students in achieving this goal.

Career Service

The SAO maintains close links with various professions and the business sector. The Office is actively engaged in preparing students for employment through organising various career talks and counselling sessions that seek to equip students with the requisite skills for job-hunting, including those applicable to resume writing and job interviews.

The SAO invites professionals to conduct career talks and provides job referral services. It also conducts an annual employment survey to investigate the employability of graduates, examine their positioning in the job market and evaluate the practicality of the programmes and courses offered by the College.

Health Service

Students are eligible to join the Student Medical Scheme which provides subsidised medical consultations for all students, and is jointly organised by the SAO and the Caritas Clinics. In addition, exhibitions on health education and sickness prevention are also available periodically to enable students to understand the importance of physical and mental well-being.

Recreation and Sports

The Student Affairs Office (SAO) manages and coordinates the activities of the College’s interest clubs and sports teams. Students are encouraged to take part in all kinds of sports or extra-curricular activities to promote their physical strength and well-being.

In conjunction with the Students’ Union, the SAO organises a variety of inter-departmental sports competitions to foster sportsmanship and collegiate spirit. Student activities are an essential means not only for enriching campus life, but also for fostering a sense of belonging and promoting interaction among students. Most of the extra-curricular activities are organised by the Students’ Union and its affiliated associations. The societies under the different academic departments also organise activities related to their academic disciplines. There are other interest clubs such as the Sports Club and the Music Club. The Orientation Day and Orientation Camp are organised by the College and the Students’ Union respectively at the beginning of each academic year to assist new students in quickly adapting to their College life.

The SAO also arranges for students to participate in voluntary work, with the aim to inculcate in them the spirit of care and concern for others. The SAO organises a variety of extra-curricular activities to enable students to attain whole person development.

Pastoral Care Activities

The College retains a close link with the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong and always encourages students to take part in religious activities. The Catholic Students’ Society of the College holds regular meetings, and welcomes teachers and students to attend.