Our Vision

The College aspires to be a leading community college, nationally recognized for excellence and innovation in higher and continuing education and student success, working on the basis of the values of the Catholic tradition of education. CBCC will be the primary choice of students seeking an associate or advanced degree, preparing for the job market, and/or pursuing career advancement or personal development. In the long run, the College aspires to be a constituent college of the future Catholic University in Hong Kong.

Our Mission

CBCC is a flexi-admission and community-based college designed to provide affordable and quality educational opportunities to residents of Hong Kong and its surrounding communities. It is dedicated to the professional, vocational and personal development of individual students for their advancement in higher education or in the workplace.

The College is committed to preserve, promote and perpetuate Catholic value, and to provide students with a holistic education. In line with its mission, CBCC forms an integral part of the higher education system in Hong Kong focusing on the needs of the society with emphasis on the least, the lost and the last individuals in our community, with the aim to develop them as persons who are morally and socially concerned, valued, caring, culturally involved and opened-minded, well-trained, matured and responsible citizens adhering to the needs of our society.